Participate in Autoimmunity Visibility Challenge and Dance to be Seen! (references Experimental Pathology Chief Laurence Marguerite Morel, Ph.D.)

Published: April 17th, 2017

Category: Department News

Adapted from the YouTube post on “The Autoimmunity Visibility Challenge, Dance to be Seen” 

We are at the threshold of a movement that is dedicated to cracking the code of autoimmune disease worldwide.

For the last 18 months, I have been watching lead researchers make breakthroughs toward cures and more effective treatments for life-threatening autoimmune diseases. I personally have lupus and myositis. I have chosen to not give in to this disease and allow it to rob me of my life and instead be a beacon of hope for others and start a challenge to get these researchers the money they need DIRECTLY and IMMEDIATELY (You can donate here.).

They are labs through Johns Hopkins Medicine Autoimmune Disease Research Center, Dr. PJ Utz with Standford Medicine and Dr. Shizuru and Weissman with Standford Medicine, as well as Dr. Morel with the University of Florida [Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine]. [These researchers] are dedicated, passionate, committed and driven to find cures [for autoimmune disease]. Every dollar donated goes directly to them, so they…do not have to wait on [needed research] funding.


As of April 17 this year, we are launching the Autoimmunity Visibility Challenge. Participants can help raise awareness and money for autoimmune disease research can help by making a video recording that includes the following points:

  1. Find a song that you like. It can be any song that you choose. Play the song in your video and dance to it. Dance with friends, family, kids, co-workers, alone, pets, objects, etc., and dance however you want. Be silly. Rock-out. Jam-out. Bounce around. Be obnoxious, serious or goofy. Make it your video.
  2. Identify in your video that it is for the “Autoimmune Visibility Challenge, Dance to be Seen” initiative.
  3. Most importantly, state the name of our website in your video, so others can donate DIRECTLY to researchers doing LEADING-EDGE RESEARCH for all autoimmunity. The website to state?: (Say it. Hold up a sign. Put it as text in the video. Just make sure it’s in there.)
  4. Nominate three friends for the challenge in your video
  5. Post the video to your Facebook page.
  6. Tag your nominees when posting the video
  7. Hashtag your post: #DanceToBeSeen #AiNeedCures #AiVisibilityChallenge

Please help us spread this challenge worldwide, for those of us who suffer worldwide. Please help us help autoimmune disease researchers receive the money they need, as they are so close to helping autoimmune disease reclaim their lives from illness. Our research funding goal is endless, and this initiative will be ongoing.

On behalf of the autoimmunity community, thank you all for all of your help. We are eternally grateful.

Warm regards,

Ashlee Whittemore, MA, LCDC, CSAT-III, LPC Intern