Clarification on lupus research article (references research by Laurence Marguerite Morel, Ph.D.)

Some recent stories that appeared in several Spanish-language media outlets and social media sites included incorrect information about lupus research findings at UF Health.

The research results, which were originally published in February 2015, found that a new treatment may be able to reverse the symptoms of the most common types of lupus. There is no cure for lupus, which is an immune system disorder.

The new treatment was tested in a laboratory setting but has yet to undergo a clinical trial on humans. UF Health researchers are pursuing grants to conduct additional research that precedes a clinical trial. No clinical trial is pending at this time.

We regret any inconvenience or disappointment caused by this misinterpretation of the research results. UF Health and other outlets will inform the public when, and if, a request to conduct a clinical trial is approved.

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