Clinical Pathologist Stacy Gurevitz Beal, M.D., is appointed to the College of American Pathology’s Quality Practices Committee.

In December 2015, our own Stacy Gurevitz Beal, M.D., was honored with a more than six-year appointment to the Quality Practices Committee at the College of American Pathologists (CAP). Dr. Beal’s new role on this committee will be to assist in the:

  • bealDevelopment of scientific studies of interest, to assist laboratories in benchmarking quality against one another;
  • Development and market researching of the Q-PROBES and Q-TRACKS studies;
  • Development of successful prospects and their sale to subscribers who commit to measure the quality of some aspect of their laboratory operation;
  • Summation of aggregate data (by study authors) and presentation of the data to subscribers in the form of a data analysis and critique; and
  • Preparation of a publication for peer review (typically in the Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine) and short articles for CAP TODAY.

Dr. Beal is an ideal candidate for this appointment because of her keen interest in laboratory test utilization and desire to be involved in laboratory quality initiatives nationally and across the globe.

“I believe that was chosen [for this role] because of my publication history, involvement in my institution’s utilization management and position as a laboratory director,” said Beal. We couldn’t agree more.

Congratulations, Dr. Beal!