Graduate Student Pritesh Desai wins a 2016 Outstanding International Student Award.

International students are an essential part of our university and graduate programs. They enrich our culture and extend our presence around the world. [We are] pleased to announce that the following students from the College of Medicine [that were] recognized for their accomplishments in research, teaching and/or service at the annual International Student Awards Banquet on Tuesday, November 15, at 5:30 p.m. in the Reitz Union Auditorium:

Alec Courtelis Award

Rosha Poudyal (mentor Michael Kladde, Ph.D.) will receive the Alec Courtelis Award for academic excellence and service to the university and community.

Outstanding International Student Award

Please join [us] in congratulating [Pritesh and the other winners] for their outstanding accomplishments.


  • Pritesh Desai
  • Mire Hossain
  • Yuan Lu
  • Rosha Poudyal
  • Nicola Rutherford


For further information on these awards, please visit the website for the UF International Center.This post was adapted from the UF International Student Award Announcement authored by Thomas C. Rowe, Ph.D., on October 29, 2016.