Annual Fungus Ball

The Fungus ball is an annual event sponsored by UF Pathology to celebrate the end of pre-clinical years by second year medical students. The students (MS2) took the time to vote for several awards this year including the “Best Integrated Pathology Course” and “top 6 Pathology Lecturers” over the first 2 years of their medical education​.

The “Gastroenterology and Hepatology” course won the “Best Integrated Pathology Course”. Thanks to Dr. David Gonzalo for co-directing the course and recruiting awesome faculty to teach Pathology for that course. Incorporation of Gross Organ Review and the USMLE-style Q/A sessions by Dr. Gonzalo were some of the key factors that made this course a success.

In addition, the MS2s also voted for the following faculty as their top 6 Pathology Lecturers.

  1. Dr. Mike Feely
  2. Dr. Anthony Yachnis
  3. Dr. William Winter
  4. Dr. William Clap
  5. Dr. Marie Rivera-Zengotita
  6. Dr. Ashwin Akki