Team Safety and Quality Awards for Hospital Goal Improvement


Congratulations to the following teams who exemplified a culture dedicated to improving patient safety, quality, and the patient/family experience.

The UF Health Invasive Placenta Management Team

This multidisciplinary team recognized that the process for managing patients with placenta accreta was suboptimal. They began their cycles of improvement by analyzing cases from the previous 5 years and identifying factors associated with inefficient processes and complications.  They developed and implemented a standardized evidence-based protocol and checklist tailored to our environment, and then systematically collected and analyzed relevant data, and debriefed the team members on a regular basis. Challenges they faced and addressed in subsequent improvement cycles included moving to a new

Operating Room and adapting to emergency cases for which the protocol needed to be implemented with short notice. The impact of these changes has been statistically significant decreases in maternal morbidity from 39% to 12%; estimated median blood loss from 1500 cc to 800 cc; and transfusion of blood products from 49% to 27 %. (p<.05).