For inspectors, a new and better training course – Dr. Olgaard in CAP Today

Valerie Neff Newitt

May 2022—Users of the CAP’s redesigned laboratory inspector training course, introduced last December, should find it to be more fun, less chore, and tailored to what they need to know, say those who developed the new course. And it’s open and accessible to all.

The format of the course, known as adaptive learning, makes it possible for users to bypass what they know and zero in on what they don’t.

“In my experience in different university settings, I hadn’t had the opportunity to work with adaptive learning or this type of software before we unveiled it. My guess is it will be new for a lot of people,” says Ericka Olgaard, DO, MBA, chair of the CAP Accreditation Education Committee, whose members helped create the new course. Committee members did an analysis to find the gaps in training, she says. “In the spirit of continuous improvement, we are always looking to identify things we need to change, add, modify, subtract—to make it better, based on real-life experience in the lab. We think this course really is better.”…

Full Article: Valerie Neff Newitt is a writer in Audubon, Pa.