Clinical Experience in Pathology for MD, DO, MBBS, or equivalent

2023-24 Clinical Experience in Pathology Program for Post-Doctorates (MD, DO, MBBS, or equivalent) 

Position Description:  

This paid position is intended to provide valuable experience that will establish basic laboratory and pathology skills in preparation for residency while providing excellent service to patients.  The position is centered around working with patient specimens in the clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories at UF Pathology Laboratories (PathLabs) and UF Health Shands Hospital.  The activities will be of importance to clinical patient care but may also include clinical research and will be determined by the needs of the department.   

Essential functions would be determined by the needs of the department and are likely to include a subset of the following:  

  • Tissue specimen preparation and processing. 
  • Grossing. 
  • Learn about hot to embed, section, and stain tissues.  
  • Perform frozen sections. 
  • Assist with autopsy dissections. 
  • Evaluate clinical diagnostic assays. 
  • Perform validations and verifications of new assays. 
  • Perform and document instrument maintenance and quality control activities. 
  • Troubleshoot when necessary.  
  • Follow standard operating procedures. 
  • Use the LIS with regard to HIPAA rules and as needed for patient care.   
  • Laboratory clerical activities such as filing and organizing paperwork. 
  • Assist in inspection preparation and response. 

Additionally, as the post-doc will be an integral member of our department, they will have limited opportunities for development of microscopy and histology skills, occasionally attending departmental educational didactics and activities, contributing to research, and participation in quality improvement activities.  Each post-doc will be assigned a faculty mentor to meet with quarterly.  These extracurricular activities will be scheduled outside of normal working hours and will be at the discretion of the post doc’s supervisor and faculty mentor.  This position provides opportunities to obtain meaningful letters of recommendation and will provide mentorship in the residency application process.   


  • MD, DO, MBBS, MB, or equivalent  
    • This program is not intended for PhD scientists 
  • Passing scores on USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CK 
  • 1 year commitment, variable depending on situation 

Work schedule: 

  • Post docs will be scheduled for approximately 50 hours per week  
  • Shifts will likely occur between the hours of 7:00 am to 9:00 pm 
  • Schedule shifting may occur 
  • Weekend coverage may be required 


Post docs receive a PGY-1 salary.  Please see the UF GME website for more details. 


All leave (except emergency sick leave) must be requested at least 4 weeks in advance to the post doc’s supervisor  

  • 15 days vacation 
  • 10 days professional leave: Residency interviews, professional conferences (Florida Society of Pathologists is highly encouraged), short away rotations 
  • 10 days sick leave 

Your contract is valid for 1 year.  If the trainee decides to leave prior to the date stated in the contract, notification must be provided 4 months in advance.   

**Important note: Participation in this program does NOT guarantee you an interview or a spot in our residency program or any UF program.   

Application Process

Positions for 2023-24 are currently filled. Please check back in Spring 2024 for the next application cycle.