Visiting Medical Students and Observers

Electives offered to UF medical students are also offered to visiting students (from MD and DO schools). Students may choose between 2- or 4-week periods. Dates can be negotiable to match periods at the student’s home institution.

Most students spend 2 to 4 weeks doing a combined anatomic and clinical pathology elective.  Students considering a career in pathology will be mentored to gain an in-depth understanding of the specialty and its scope. In surgical pathology, students work closely with residents, fellows, and faculty and learn about techniques in pathology that facilitate tissue diagnosis of biopsies and surgical resections. In clinical pathology students will have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of laboratory operation as well as work with our hematopathologists and transfusion medicine faculty. Some examples of topics include peripheral smear analysis, bone marrow biopsy workup, protein electrophoresis, organism identification, transfusion antibody panels, transfusion reaction workup, and much more!


Current Medical Students

Please reach out to us to let us know your interest, the number of weeks you would like to rotate, and the dates you have in mind. There is a different application process for international and non-international students, please refer to the following webpage for the application steps.

International Medical School Graduates

You are encouraged to apply for an observership opportunity. Please fill out the survey with the link below for our consideration.

David Saulino, DO