Visiting Medical Students

Electives offered to UF medical students are also offered to visiting students (from MD and DO schools) and observers. Students may choose between 2- or 4-week periods. Dates can be negotiable to match periods at the student’s home institution.

Most students spend 2 to 4 weeks doing a combined anatomic and clinical pathology elective.  In surgical pathology, students work closely with residents and faculty and learn about techniques in pathology that facilitate tissue diagnosis of biopsies and surgical resections. There will be ample opportunities to observe and assist (if interested) in specimen triage and processing (gross description), frozen section evaluation and microscopic examination. Students considering a career in pathology will be mentored to gain an in-depth understanding of the specialty and its scope. 

Clinical Pathology (Laboratory Medicine) experiences are also plentiful.  Students are able to gain knowledge of operations and technical aspects regarding laboratory tests such as CBCs and peripheral smears, electrolytes, urinalysis, tumor markers, serology (antigen/antibody), PCR, cultures, protein electrophoresis, microbiology cultures, and much, much more!  Students can also learn about blood banking (transfusion medicine), genetics, and flow cytometry.