In addition to a competitive stipend, UF College of Medicine’s offers housestaff: health insurance, a retirement plan, 15 days of vacation per academic year, and many other benefits. For more information, please visit the UF Housestaff Benefits page.

For the current housestaff stipends, please visit this page.

The Department of Pathology also provides residents with an annual “flex-fund” of $2000 that can be used for books, travel to conferences, professional society memberships, and other educational resources. The University of Florida offers a $1000 a year food stipend that can be utilized at the Shands cafeteria and many of the food vendors within the hospital and residents receive a $500 bonus per year.

Terms and Conditions of Employment
Appointments are renewed annually, and continued retention in the training program depends on the continuation of requisite funding, as well as participants’ training progress and satisfactory performance. A resident’s reappointment and progression to more advanced levels is based on periodic reviews of the resident’s educational/professional progress and achievement.