The curriculum for the Residency Program at the University of Florida Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine is organized into a basic four-year training period that prepares residents to practice pathology. Throughout the basic training period, under faculty supervision, each resident will:

  • Perform at least 30 autopsies;
  • Sign-out more than 2,000 surgical pathology specimens;
  • Examine more than 1,500 cytology specimens; and
  • Perform more than 200 operating room consultations (frozen sections).

Most subjects that you would want to do an elective in, we have built into our schedule.  We have a schedule template for PGY1-4 years but there is certainly some personalization that can be applied based on interests.

Sample 4-year Rotation Schedule

Block 1 block 2 block 3 block 4 BLOCK 5 BLOCK 6 BLOCK 7 BLOCK 8 BLOCK 9 BLOCK 10 BLOCK 11 BLOCK 12 BLOCK 13
First year Intro Lab Intro Surg Autopsy Autopsy Autopsy Frozens CP Core Blood Bank VA Surg VA Surg VA Surg GI/Liver VA Other
Second year VA Surg VA Surg Breast GYN VA Surg Peds Hemepath Hemepath Cyto GU ENT CP Core CP Core
Third year VA Surg VA Surg Ortho Thoracic Hemepath CP Core Blood Bank Immunology VA Surg GYN2 GI2 Molecular/Informatics Derm/Neuro/Renal
Fourth year GU2 Breast2 VA Lab VA Surg Derm/Neuro/Renal Cyto Senior Biopsy Lab Management Chemistry Micro Cytogenetics Toxicology Hematology