Apply for Residency Training

General Information

We will hold all interviews this year by Zoom.  We were successful in previous years with our virtual interviews and are excited to meet you! We will have interview dates in October, November, December, and January and applicants will be able to choose from morning or afternoon sessions.

Interviewees can participate in a small group zoom “happy hour” session the evening before their interview to meet the current residents.

Apply for Residency Training

  • We accept applications via the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®).
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to have their applications completed (including letters of recommendation) by the day ERAS opens for programs to review applicants.
  • Letters of recommendation from any specialty are accepted. We encourage applicants to have at least 2 of their letters be from pathologists.
  • We do not have any specific cut offs for test scores or GPA.

Please note: Based on mandates of institutions where rotations and on-call coverage is required, proof of COVID-19 vaccinations are required to be provided prior to the start of your residency program. No requests for exemptions will be approved.

Please explore these videos and websites to learn more about our program and about Gainesville.

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Terms and Conditions of Employment

Appointments are renewed annually, and continued retention in the training program depends on the continuation of requisite funding, as well as participants’ training progress and satisfactory performance. A resident’s reappointment and progression to more advanced levels is based on periodic reviews of the resident’s educational/professional progress and achievement.

Financial Support

The UF College of Medicine sets the annual stipend for residents at each level. Exceptions to these stipend levels should be approved by the Graduate Medical Education Committee and pays the employer contribution of FICA. Additionally, residents are eligible for participation in the State of Florida’s Deferred Compensation Plan.

We Welcome You to Rotate With Us!

We enjoy getting to know applicants during external rotations and observerships.  Please see more information here: Visiting Medical Students and Observers

We Welcome International Medical Graduates

Institutional Requirements

University of Florida College of Medicine (UF-COM) welcomes applications for residency and fellowship training from our international colleagues. The UF-COM will sponsor J-1 visas for residency training only through the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). The UF-COM will only, in limited case-by-case circumstances, sponsor any new H-1 type visas for training in any medical specialty. Permanent resident aliens who already have permanent work authorization are welcome to apply. All applications must be filed through the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS).

Once selected or matched for a training program, it is important that International Medical Graduates (IMG) complete requested paperwork as soon as possible so that all deadlines can be met. Additional information regarding a J-1 visa application can be found at:


U.S. Embassies, Consulates and Diplomatic Missions

NOTE: It is important that J-1’s entering the United States wait to apply for a Social Security (SS) number until after checking in with their departments and SEVIS validation. Applying for a SS number prior to this may cause significant delays. For further information, contact

Sally Harvin, Assistant Director, Office of the Dean, Administrative Affairs


For more information on available positions in the Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine, contact:
Jordan A. Twilley, Program Coordinator
Office: 352.273.5507 | Fax: 352.273.7627