Infrastructure Series

The UFDI (Diabetes Institute) – What it means for UF and Potentially… YOU, by Dr. Mark Atkinson 

Laser Microdissection for Target Cell Collection, by Dr. Campbell-Thompson

Access EMR Data for Research, by Dr. Srikar Chamala

Confocal Microscopy Core, by Jing Chen

CRC grant writing, by Dr. William Clapp & Dr. Laurence Morel

GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler, by Dr. Clare-Salzler

I want to Submit a Grant. What do I do?, by Christy Dupuis & Sarah Kazlauskas

After Grant Submission, by Christy Dupuis & Sarah Kazlauskas

Molecular Pathology Core, by Dr. Ann Fu

Metabolomics-resources at UF, by Dr. Timothy Garrett

Opportunity fund grants at COM., by Dr. Garrett, Dr. Morel, Dr. Salemi, & Dr. Terada

2019 Research Opportunity Seed Fund Guidelines, by Dr. Garrett, Dr. Morel, Dr. Salemi, & Dr. Terada 

The Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research – An Overview, by Dr. Steven Madore

Mentoring Clinical Faculty in the Department of Pathology, by Dr. Laurence Morel

Understanding the alphabet soup from funding agencies, by Dr. Laurence Morel

NIH Biosketch

Master CV and Offspring

AAMC Master CV Template

P & T Presentation for COM Faculty Development Leadership, by Dr. Laurence Morel

What is a grant? Understanding the alphabet soup from funding agencies Presented by Laurence Morel, PhD

The Grant Submission Process, by Sarah Kazlauskas, William Adams, and Christy Dupuis

Post Award Grant Management by Sarah Kazlauskas and Christy Dupuis


Women’s Leadership Gap in Diabetes Research

Postdoc Club

Postdoc Club May 2020