Infrastructure Series

The UFDI (Diabetes Institute) – What it means for UF and Potentially… YOU, by Dr. Mark Atkinson 

Laser Microdissection for Target Cell Collection, by Dr. Campbell-Thompson

Access EMR Data for Research, by Dr. Srikar Chamala

Confocal Microscopy Core, by Jing Chen

CRC grant writing, by Dr. William Clapp & Dr. Laurence Morel

GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler, by Dr. Clare-Salzler

I want to Submit a Grant. What do I do?, by Christy Dupuis & Sarah Kazlauskas

After Grant Submission, by Christy Dupuis & Sarah Kazlauskas

Molecular Pathology Core, by Dr. Ann Fu

Metabolomics-resources at UF, by Dr. Timothy Garrett

Opportunity fund grants at COM., by Dr. Garrett, Dr. Morel, Dr. Salemi, & Dr. Terada

2019 Research Opportunity Seed Fund Guidelines, by Dr. Garrett, Dr. Morel, Dr. Salemi, & Dr. Terada 

The Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research – An Overview, by Dr. Steven Madore

Mentoring Clinical Faculty in the Department of Pathology, by Dr. Laurence Morel

Understanding the alphabet soup from funding agencies, by Dr. Laurence Morel

NIH Biosketch