William L Clapp

William L Clapp, M.D.


Department: MD-PATHOLOGY
Business Phone: (352) 265-9900
Business Email: bevemara@ufl.edu

About William L Clapp

Dr. William L. Clapp serves as Professor and Director of Renal Pathology in the Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine. The Renal Pathology service is one of the busiest in the southeastern U.S. and evaluates native and transplant renal biopsies, from UF Health and from numerous other institutions in Florida, including in Orlando, Tampa and Miami.

Dr. Clapp’s teaching interests and responsibilities include the Directorship of the Kidney and Urinary Tract (KUT) course for University of Florida College of Medicine students. He has taught renal pathology in the UF COM for numerous years. For several years, he also taught the cell and molecular biology of cancer.


Basic Science Teacher of the Year
2015 · University of Florida College of Medicine
Exemplary Teacher Award
2004 · University of Florida College of Medicine
Basic Science Teacher of the Year
2002 · University of Florida College of Medicine
Teaching Excellence Awards
1995-2020 · UF COM student classes
Individual National Research Service Award, NIH
1984-1987 · National Institutes of Health
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
1976 · University of Tennessee College of Medicine

Board Certifications

  • Hematology
    American Board of Pathology
  • Pathology – Anatomic and Clinical
    American Board of Pathology

Research Profile

Research interests include diagnostic aspects and also underlying mechanisms of kidney diseases, especially autoimmune diseases, and also renal development and renal structural-functional correlates.


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Fellowship – Hematology
1981 · National Naval Medical Center
Residency – Pathology – Anatomic and Clinical
1980 · National Naval Medical Center
Internship – Pathology – Anatomic and Clinical
1977 · National Naval Medical Center
Medical Degree
1976 · University of Tenneessee

Teaching Profile

Courses Taught
BMS6638C Kidney & Urinary Tract
DEN6350 General Pathology

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(352) 265-9900