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Department Researcher Marco Salemi, Ph.D., is awarded a grant to study infections in Florida and will be published in one of the most highly regarded journals in bioinformatics.

Published: Aug 13th, 2014

Recently, University of Florida Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine Associate Professor and Researcher Marco Salemi, Ph.D., was awarded a grant from theĀ  Florida Department of Health for a […]

Opportunities for Teaching and Research

Published: Aug 6th, 2012

Resident Teaching Program: During specified rotations, pathology residents assist in instructing second-year medical students for pathology laboratory training in general and systemic pathology. Concurrently, residents will attend lectures given in […]

Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Published: Jan 23rd, 2012

The Department’s graduate faculty comprises members of the The graduate program in Biomedical Sciences, an interdepartmental graduate program that trains student physicians for a Ph.D. in medical sciences. The program […]