UF Health Newsroom Video: Dr. Morel & Dr. Mohamadzadeh Discuss Their Research

In this UF Health video, Laurence M. Morel, Ph.D., and Mansour Mohamadzadeh, Ph.D. discuss the research findings of their Science Translational Medicine paper.

Watch the full video: Dietary changes give protective effect against lupus

Dr. Morel and Dr. Mohamadzadeh explain how a diet low in the amino acid tryptophan has protective effects against lupus in preclinical models. The disease causes the immune system to attack normal, healthy tissue throughout the body. A change in diet may protect against gut-bacteria dysfunction that leads to lupus in mice, and these findings might assist in the understanding of lupus pathology and mitigation in humans.

Science Translational Medicine Paper: https://bit.ly/321CIBt