With a rich tradition of excellence in medicine, research and education, the University of Florida Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine is composed of six divisions, including:

Anatomic PathologyClinical Pathology
Experimental PathologyUF Health Forensic Medicine
UF Health Pathology LaboratoriesAdministration


We employ pathologists who are knowledgeable in all pathology sub-specialties. Our physicians regularly review and diagnose patient diseases and conditions quickly, accurately and professionally.


Our Department capably performs medically relevant extramural research grants-funded studies on myriad health topics, such as:

Autoimmunity • Genetics • Diabetes • AIDS
Stem cell and regenerative medicine
Cell-signaling • Epithelial biology


Our educational programs focus primarily on anatomic and clinical pathology. Training is generally linked between the two disciplines throughout a four-year program, but concentrated training in either discipline can be accomplished in three years:

Anatomic Pathology (AP): In learning this discipline, macro- and microscopic examination of tissue is performed and linked with molecular analyses by morphological methods.
Clinical Pathology (CP): Patient care is delivered through performing chemical or molecular analyses, microbiology, blood-banking, tissue-typing, and other laboratory methods.


Residents and fellows benefit from the balanced strength of our six divisions and gain broad experience at one of the most complete medical centers in the country.